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Nutrition Julie
Holistic Health Coach/Nutrition Educator
4144 46th Ave S

I have created the Food First System for optimal health and healing. I believe in the power of whole, real foods to prevent illness, heal imbalances, and to give the mental clarity and energy to live our best lives ever! I educate, inspire and empower individuals to take the specific, simple, consistent steps necessary for living a healthy, conscious, disease-free life.

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Zenful Life Coaching
INHC – Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
RYT 230 Hour Yoga Instructor, Yoga Calm® Instructor

Marnie is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a Certified Yoga Calm® teacher, a 230 hour RYT yoga teacher, a wife and a loving mother of three. Marnie received her Health Coach training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Marnie teaches busy women and teens how to implement sustainable healthy habits into their lifestyle to create a happier and healthier life. Marnie also works with this population to combat stress and anxiety using yoga, mindfulness and meditation techniques.
Marnie offers individual and group health and nutrition coaching and inspires the vision of health through educating and speaking.

Is this you:
You’ve tried fad diets and strict eating plans? They don’t work.
You’re plagued by nagging food cravings? Every day. They consume you.
You’re drained from toxic relationships?
You’re overwhelmed by stress at work or at home?
You’re ready to feel better about your body, and become inspired to accomplish your goals in a way that’s empowering and exciting?

Hello! I’m Marnie Dachis Marmet. As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in Minneapolis, I help you feel your best, every day. I teach women and teens how to effectively prioritize health and happiness. Together, we’ll create incremental changes in your life that add up to real, sustainable wellness.

Throughout my education as a Health Coach and yoga teacher, I studied cutting-edge dietary theories and highly effective coaching techniques. I incorporate these elements of health coaching and yoga that are right for you, and together we create your individualized wellness plan.

As a mom of a teenager (and two tweens), I understand how crucial it is for you and your teen to find the right style of coaching for you. I create a confidential, supportive environment so you can articulate and explore your goals in a way that suits your personality. Teens can be shy and self-conscious, so if it’s more comfortable for you, we can focus on phone and email communication. Women need heartfelt empathy – and I listen without judgment. I am naturally nurturing and I place a high emphasis on warmth, authenticity, and trust.

My approach will help you make lasting changes that don’t just slip away the minute you have a stressful day or a junk food binge. It’s not about being 100% perfect. It’s about empowering yourself with tailored knowledge to promote personal growth. What I want for you is meaningful improvement – not just another short-lived resolution or destined-to-fail “health” fad.

We can work in-person in Minneapolis, Minnesota, or remotely by phone or Skype.
As we sift through your personal wellness jigsaw and you see the pieces fall into place, you may find that the impact of these collective changes is way more significant than you expected.

I offer health coaching in Minneapolis, Minnesota, or remotely by phone or Skype.

To make a change, all you need is the willingness to act.

Are you ready to feel better about your body, set and achieve your goals and get excited about your future life?

Twin Cities Holistic Health
Functional Assessment, Herbal and Nutritional Medicine, Lifestyle and Mind/Body Support, Evidence-Based Medicine
1224 2nd St. NE

Graduate of the National College of Natural Medicine with doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. BS in Molecular Biology from UW-Madison. Through and beyond naturopathic medical school I have spent a lot of time studying classical homeopathy, biotherapeutic drainage, structural adjustments, nutritional and herbal medicine, lab testing, hakomi and mind/body therapy techniques, trying to find my place in health care. Ultimately I want to change how we see patients as providers and how the system as a whole addresses chronic care. My particular interest is in the science of the underlying mechanisms of stress, mood and digestive disorders and how understanding this and incorporating nutritional and herbal medicine can create an evidence based and holistic approach to chronic illness.

Wellness with Claudine
I love helping clients resolve or reduce health concerns through Integrative Nutrition Coaching. I especially love working with women dealing with digestive distress and/or adrenal dysregulation.
Aslan Institute, 4141 Old Sibley Memorial Highway

At Wellness with Claudine, I teach women with digestive and other health concerns how to support and nourish themselves with whole foods nutrition, holistic lifestyle choices, and other natural remedies so they can regain their vitality, ditch the fatigue, and experience fewer symptoms.

I believe the foundation of health is a well-functioning digestive system, and I especially enjoy working with people who need to rebuild their gut integrity – those suffering from digestive distress and food sensitivities.

I offer innovative and integrative solutions that focus on preventing disease and promoting health through small, manageable steps. I believe taking care of ourselves can be an enjoyable process, and it is always my goal to bring joy and laughter to my clients’ sessions.