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Wellness Minneapolis
4450 Nicollet Ave S
A fresh approach to health care.

Our practice provides holistic natural therapies for the whole family. Wellness Minneapolis an integrative clinic of naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, health coaches, acupuncturists, massage therapists, reiki practitioners, therapists, and more. We offer a true team approach to healing. Here at Wellness Minneapolis we utilize safe, gentle and effective therapies that stimulate your body’s ability to heal itself. We do not believe in merely treating or suppressing symptoms – our goal is to identify and treat the underlying cause. We look forward to answering your questions, listening to your concerns and supporting you along the way.
Yoga Psych Wellness, LLC

yoga.psych.wellness, llc offers a variety of therapy services to encourage health + healing of the mind + body of individuals, couples + families.

specific integrative services include psychotherapy for individuals, couples or families, prepare/enrich premarital + marital counseling. therapy with yoga.psych.wellness draws on traditional psychological theories + techniques while incorporating yogic concepts + mindfulness skills to provide a personalized and integrative mind-body approach to health.

areas of specialty include anxiety + depression, family dynamic concerns, couples counseling, issues related to body image, life coaching, developing the self of the individual + intentional living practices, parenting struggles + the transition to parenthood and maternal mental health concerns.