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Intentional Environment

Intentional Environment helps you naturally create healthy living and work spaces through a blend of art and science. As a building biologist, Damon helps to identify, reduce and eliminate the natural and man-made interferences that negatively affect your health and well-being. He works with schools, businesses, holistic practitioners and individuals to create environments that support healing, productivity and inspiration.

• The Inzone – Creating optimal spaces for renewal and performance
• Essential Clarity – Eliminate to,ins and interference to health & success
• Conscious Building & Design – Intentionally create healthy new or remodeled spaces

Environmental influences addressed:
• Electropollution
• Geopathic Stress (anomalies in earth’s magnetic field)
• Subtle energies
• Indoor air quality
• Feng Shui and interior space design
• Building site selection and orientation
• Healthy building methods and materials