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Energy Work

Healing Energy Arts Center
Reiki III Master Practitioner/Teacher; Master Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner; Healing Touch Practitioner
Guest Instructor: U. of MN Center for Spirituality and Healing, Minneapolis, MN; Ridgewater College, Willmar, MN
Energy Healing, Hypnosis and Guided Meditation, Mediumship
308 W. 22nd St.

2017 Services and Descriptions Healing Energy Arts Center:
Hi! Here is some detailed information about my services and products, and how I like to work.

Energy Healing: At a typical energy session in office we briefly discuss your health history and goals for healing. You remain fully clothed, comfortably resting on a healing (massage therapy) table where you receive gentle, comforting touch that transfers powerful, healing energy removing pain, speeding healing, and accelerating personal growth. The first session takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes and costs $80. I take all forms of payment.

Mediumship Sittings and Psychic Readings: As a medium, I make a link to the spirit world, and may connect with a loved one, friend, pet, or spirit guide. Mediumship exists to prove that the spirit of the living does not die, by giving verifiable evidence that the recipient of the sitting can confirm. It can be a powerful tool to help heal anyone moving through grief by letting you know that your loved one survived their death, is out of pain, and can still be with you. It can profoundly deepen your faith in God and love. No medium can guarantee a certain spirit will come forward; it is always an experiment.
Psychic readings help when you have a lot of questions you want answered. They involve reading your aura, and other spirits do not come forward to speak, although they are certainly present. Many people prefer to have the two combined because we often have questions.

Hypnosis, Guided Meditation, Past Life Regression: Modern medicine has developed devices that have proven human consciousness naturally flows in and out of different states of awareness, like: daydreaming, focus, sensing danger, and creativity. Hypnosis and Guided Meditation are states of mind that create focused awareness where knowledge of other things fall away, with the purpose of obtaining a goal, like: confidence, healing, or weight loss. All of which can bring accelerated healing and lasting change into a person’s life.
Past Life Regression: has proven to be tremendously effective when a person has a health challenge or goal they have been working to accomplish and can find no reason for not reaching it. It can be fascinating and fun to learn more about your history when you are seeking personal growth, your life purpose, and a deeper understanding of karmic relationships and lessons.

Spiritual and Health Coach: I have been asked to coach many young people in their 20’s as well as people in their 40’s and 50’s so they can understand their growing psychic abilities without fear, as well as balance their overall health. I teach my clients exercises for: body, mind, emotions, and spirit. You learn to manage your health challenges and feel the difference, allowing for you to be more hopeful as you observe how you change, effect, and control how you feel, naturally. I may refer you to additional healthcare specialists if I feel it would be of help in your healing.

General Information: Everyone has different needs. I often work with clients at least 3 times with one technique, and prefer each session to be no more than 2 weeks apart for your best outcome. This is a way for you to learn what a technique can do for you, and when you need to schedule a session. This is most effective if you are trying one new modality at a time, as opposed to 3 new things in one week.