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Soul Healing Medicine

Soul Healing Medicine

Dr. Ahuja is a medical intuitive practicing mind-body medicine. She uses her intuitive gifts to get to the root cause of client’s energetic blockages, which are causing dis-ease or emotional disharmony. She has the gift of knowing not only where the energy is blocked but also how to unravel the intricate web the ego has created, so that the energy can flow with ease. Under her guidance her clients get healthy physically and awaken spiritually.

Being a certified holistic health coach Dr. Ahuja recognizes the importance of body care with proper nutrition. She realizes that Divine energy is highly electrically charged. In order for our bodies to be receptive to this Divine energy certain nutrients are not only needed but are essential. She guides her patients as to what these nutrients are and how to go about obtaining them whether it’s through diet or supplements.

As a board Certified Family Practice physician Dr. Ahuja understands the pathophysiology of the physical challenges her clients are facing. Being an intuitive she realizes the energetic cause of those physical ailments as it relates to past (life) traumas. By approaching the physical illness through the mind she is able to assist in releasing the energetic blockage so that true healing can occur.

Her work is unlike traditional medical intuitive “readings”. She empowers her clients by first assisting them in detangling the energetic web then offering tools that the clients can work with to release their own energetic blockages for self-empowerment.

By combining her skills as a medical intuitive, family practice physician and a certified health coach she is able to offer a unique blend of services never before offered. She guides others not only to their optimum physical health but also leads her clients down the path of awakening. She is excited to share this treasure with those who seek it.