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Minnesota Integrative Care Advocates

Joanne Sienko
Reiki Master
9509 Brunswick Circle

Minnesota Integrative Care Advocates is a group of concerned Minnesotans dedicated to integrating all aspects of the healing process, encompassing conventional, complementary, and alternative practices, to the marketplace so that all people have unencumbered access. 

We are a grassroots lobbying group. We network, educate and disseminate information on how to support the innate healing process and promote access to holistic/natural therapies.

Joanne Sienko Ott is Treasurer and lobbyist for MICA.  She has experience in the areas of finance and is an advocate/educator in the field of natural/holistic health practices.  She has a Master of Arts in Holistic Health Studies at St. Catherine University and is interested in growing the infrastructure for the healing arts through financing, advocacy, research and educational efforts.  Joanne spent six years in Brazil studying alternative and complementary modalities (CAM) and is a Reiki master.  Prior to this, Joanne had worked in the field of behavioral finance at Fuller & Thaler Asset Management, Inc. and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.  Joanne’s passion is for integrating holistic health & healing into Western Medicine based on her firsthand experience of various holistic therapies.