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Energy Healing

Warren King Ltd.
Acupuncture Homeopathy Auricular Medicine Dietary Counseling Nutrition; QNRT: Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy
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Sound Nutrition LLC
Certified Holistic Health Coach Certified Raw Food Nutrition Educator/Speaker BodySound Practitioner and Trainer
4144 46th Avenue South
(612) 270-9344
The Art & Science of the Soul

Leni Erickson is a healer, educator, and leader in the field of holistic health and education. Her intuitive abilities and competent skills are coupled with creative and practical applications. The unique synthesis of gifts, character, and skills has brought Leni to the forefront of emerging fields of subtle energy medicine, consciousness research, and holistic education.

She is respected in her profession and community, holding high standards of excellence and accomplishment. Thriving in practice for over 25 years, Leni works locally, nationally, and internationally. She sees her role as a guide for people pursuing a deeper understanding of nature: nature of the self, the soul, and the universe.

Leni has worked with people of all ages and cultures, facilitating the remembrance of wholeness with our nature. She calls her work The Art & Science of the Soul.

She offers individual sessions, as well as sessions for couples, family and small groups.

All Seasons Integrative Health
Dr. Hulsing specializes in women’s health, fertility, pre-conception counseling, menopause, thyroid health, pediatrics, digestive health, autoimmune conditions, anxiety, and depression.
3751 Nicollet Ave S

We are dedicated to providing you and your family with exceptional health care. Our approach combines the best of natural therapies and conventional medicine–to help you live well and feel well, today and tomorrow. We take the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and support you every step of the way. Whether you are experiencing new symptoms, ongoing conditions or would like to feel more vital, we can help.

All Energetics – VortexHealing® : Natural Step Tai Chi for Wellbeing
VortexHealing® Divine Energy Therapist : Tai Chi & Meditation Instructor
The Positive Healing Center, Minneapolis
Energy Healer: Tai Chi & meditation Instructor
414 Penn Ave South, Bryn Mawr,
612 900 6755

All Energetics ~ VortexHealing® is a 5000 year old system of energetic healing that enables a practitioner to channel Divine light with Divine consciousness for therapeutic purposes. The divine intention of this transformative healing system is to release negative emotional patterns of conditioning & awaken freedom in the human heart.
Natural Step Tai Chi for Wellbeing is a ripening lineage & guidance for spiritual awakening. Through the principle of softness the practice helps to heal the bodymind, open & release the energy systems & pathways while returning the player of Natural Step Tai Chi to the stillness & pure potential of their true nature.
Vitality at work is a program for communities large & small that brings the essence of Natural step Tai Chi into the workplace. The program is specifically designed to meet the needs of all regardless of age ability or current level of health. Your Health in Your Hands.

The Connecting Spirit Corp.
RPh (Pharmacist)
SBF (certified Soul Breathing facilitator), TBF (certified Transformational Breath facilitator) also Reiki (certified Reiki Master Practitioner) & Pranic Healing (associate certified Pranic Healer). Terri continues to study ancient breathing techniques and practices with a master teacher as part of a 5 year program.
Terri’s holistic practice focuses primarily on BreathWork. She teaches workshops and offers private sessions by appointment. EnergyWork sessions are also available in combination with BreathWork or separately. Holistic therapy may change your body’s needs for medication. Terri is a registered pharmacist and can help clients come up with a plan to work with their provider toward optimal medication management.
2205 Scudder Street
St. Paul

What is BreathWork?

BreathWork is a simple, yet powerful process that consistently generates profound physical, emotional & mental self-healing & deepens your connection with Spirit. It is one of the most powerful self-healing modalities on the planet.

In a breath session you activate a high vibrational energy that raises and alters low vibrational energy patterns that are stuck in your electromagnetic field. Breath activates the body’s natural healing abilities. As you open up and release your restrictive breathing patterns you will move toward optimal health and wellbeing.

BreathWork can help you to relieve stress, detox your body, increase your energy & vitality, release suppressed/repressed emotions & traumas, clear your mind, and bring more joy and happiness into your life.

“Breathe Fully to Live Fully!”

Check for current list of workshops, group sessions, seminars & retreats offered in Minnesota, around the U.S. as well as abroad.

TRIA Orthopaedics
Certified Pain Management, CHTP
RN Resource Coordinator/Integrative Health

I am a TRIA RN resource coordinator and I am Certified Pain Management. I work in clinic assisting the physical rehabilitation physician. In addition I am a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner seeing patients in a dedicated clinic for Healing Touch Therapy. I also see patients who have had surgery and are recovering postoperative at TRIA’s Hilton Recovery Program for Healing Touch Therapy and Guided Imagery.

Healing Energy Arts Center
Reiki III Master Practitioner/Teacher; Master Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner; Healing Touch Practitioner
Guest Instructor: U. of MN Center for Spirituality and Healing, Minneapolis, MN; Ridgewater College, Willmar, MN
Energy Healing, Hypnosis and Guided Meditation, Mediumship
308 W. 22nd St.

2017 Services and Descriptions Healing Energy Arts Center:
Hi! Here is some detailed information about my services and products, and how I like to work.

Energy Healing: At a typical energy session in office we briefly discuss your health history and goals for healing. You remain fully clothed, comfortably resting on a healing (massage therapy) table where you receive gentle, comforting touch that transfers powerful, healing energy removing pain, speeding healing, and accelerating personal growth. The first session takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes and costs $80. I take all forms of payment.

Mediumship Sittings and Psychic Readings: As a medium, I make a link to the spirit world, and may connect with a loved one, friend, pet, or spirit guide. Mediumship exists to prove that the spirit of the living does not die, by giving verifiable evidence that the recipient of the sitting can confirm. It can be a powerful tool to help heal anyone moving through grief by letting you know that your loved one survived their death, is out of pain, and can still be with you. It can profoundly deepen your faith in God and love. No medium can guarantee a certain spirit will come forward; it is always an experiment.
Psychic readings help when you have a lot of questions you want answered. They involve reading your aura, and other spirits do not come forward to speak, although they are certainly present. Many people prefer to have the two combined because we often have questions.

Hypnosis, Guided Meditation, Past Life Regression: Modern medicine has developed devices that have proven human consciousness naturally flows in and out of different states of awareness, like: daydreaming, focus, sensing danger, and creativity. Hypnosis and Guided Meditation are states of mind that create focused awareness where knowledge of other things fall away, with the purpose of obtaining a goal, like: confidence, healing, or weight loss. All of which can bring accelerated healing and lasting change into a person’s life.
Past Life Regression: has proven to be tremendously effective when a person has a health challenge or goal they have been working to accomplish and can find no reason for not reaching it. It can be fascinating and fun to learn more about your history when you are seeking personal growth, your life purpose, and a deeper understanding of karmic relationships and lessons.

Spiritual and Health Coach: I have been asked to coach many young people in their 20’s as well as people in their 40’s and 50’s so they can understand their growing psychic abilities without fear, as well as balance their overall health. I teach my clients exercises for: body, mind, emotions, and spirit. You learn to manage your health challenges and feel the difference, allowing for you to be more hopeful as you observe how you change, effect, and control how you feel, naturally. I may refer you to additional healthcare specialists if I feel it would be of help in your healing.

General Information: Everyone has different needs. I often work with clients at least 3 times with one technique, and prefer each session to be no more than 2 weeks apart for your best outcome. This is a way for you to learn what a technique can do for you, and when you need to schedule a session. This is most effective if you are trying one new modality at a time, as opposed to 3 new things in one week.

ThrivingLives, LLC
B.Sc Holistic Nutrition
Electro Equiscope, IntellBio Technician, HBL Master Facilitator
812 E 48th Street
Suite #7

WHOLE LIFE TRANSFORMATION – NEW WAY OF LIVING IN OPTIMAL HEALTH, WEALTH, AND HAPPINESS – EFFORTLESSLY! Do you live in physical pain or in pain that comes from broken relationships, self-sabotaging behaviors, financial difficulties? Are you feeling stuck, lost? I am here for you – if you so choose – to work with you to make your everyday life easier. I will help you to let go of all that is in your way in getting control of your life. Would you like to:
* Eliminate/Reduce stress, anxiety, fear, depression, addictions and self-limiting beliefs
* Move from Chronic Fatigue, Low Energy to peak performance. Fall asleep quicker, stay longer in a deeper sleep state
* Regain your optimal weight and STAY fit and vibrant without struggle
* Eliminate or reduce physical/mental pain, accelerate healing, Rejuvenate
I provide: 1) PTSD/OtherTrauma Relief: Techniques are based on brain research and were developed primarily for the military. They have shown to be reliably effective with PTSD and PTSD symptoms interfering with the quality of everyday life. 2) HIGHER BRAIN LIVING®-program that also utilizes new discoveries in the human brain. It allows you to make radical changes in every area of your life –quickly and without struggle. 3) ELECTRO EQUISCOPE™ Microcurrent , Non-drug, non-invasive, pain-free procedure for acute/chronic pains and various health conditions. Also enhances sleep, detoxifies, relaxes and elevates mood by increasing endorphin (feel-good hormone) production. 4) NUTRITIONAL & LIFE ENHANCEMENT COACHING: In addition to nutritional guidance I can help you to create new habits & simple programs to gain optimal weight & health and sustain it.

I would like to provide you with tools you need to discover your dormant powers to access mostly untapped potential to radically change all areas of your life effortlessly! But maybe your first concern at this time is simply reducing physical/mental pain – no matter where you come from, what you’ve been through, or what circumstances you find yourself in now – I am ready to work with you!
Sessions by APPOINTMENT.
Feel free to contact Eila at 952-380-7543 or
Learn more at

Credentials: I come from Finland, where I had my formal education in Engineering, Physics and Chemistry. After moving to USA I continued learning Natural Health, Quantum Physics applications and consciousness/spirituality related subjects.

Credentials (USA):
B.Sc. Holistic Nutrition, Clayton College of Natural Health, Birmingham, Alabama, 08/03/2010
Electro Equiscope, IntellBio Technician, IntellBio/Thorp Institute of Integrated medicine, 12/01/2014
Higher Brain Living, Advanced Facilitator since 08/28/2012, Certified Master Facilitator since 08/02/2015
Neurokinesis Intervention-PTSD/Symptoms relief, Level I certification, Oct 29, 2016
Tachyon Holistic Wellness Practitioner, U of Integrated Science, CA, 03/19/2012

Carol Lovelee
MA, Reiki III, Master Practitioner/Teacher; Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner; Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner; Therapeutic Touch Practitioner; Regression Therapist; Sound Healing; Kinesiology (Energy Testing); Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT; Expressive Arts Therapist; Body, Mind, Spirit, Integrative Therapist
Carol provides private Intuitive Energy Healing sessions and classes. Her experience includes working with clients who loose hope, feel overwhelmed, confused, or are experiencing chronic pain, depression, anxiety, immune disorders, lyme, and much more. Carol will guide you to experience hope, relief, and renewal.
3852 Snelling Ave

With her combination of training, Carol has developed an Integrative approach focusing on the mind–body connection, and the body’s subtle energy systems. We are all bombarded everyday with toxic energies from our food, water, electronics, work, and life stressors that can scramble and deplete your life force.

Carol’s work can assist you in clearing and releasing at a cellular level the toxins and old life patterns that are no longer useful in your life. This clearing promotes a healthier vibrant life force to create what you truly choose “now” in your life.

Client’s are supported by a peaceful energy and Carol’s beacon of hope. A session with Carol is like having a safe haven when you need comforting and sound reasoning when all seems senseless!

Carol provides private in-person sessions, as well as phone, or face time sessions from the comfort of your home.

Carol loves to share her work by providing seminar presentations and teaching classes in Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki I, II, and Master level. She also teaches classes where you can experience a variety of techniques to connect with your heart’s innate wisdom, and your soul’s desires, in ways that allow your health, finances, and emotional outlook to improve.